City of Melle

Yves Debien: Mayor

Jacques Pineau: First deputy in charge of finance and public works

Maryline Auriaux: Second deputy in charge of attractivity, culture, tourism and heritage

Anne Texier: Executive Director

Marion Simonneau: Head of Culture, Sport and local development department (assisted by Catherine Comino and Olivier Chaigneau)

Sara Nurse: Head of public work and Great development projects


The entire team of the Administrative service

Frédéric Rivault: Head of municipal technical service

and the entire agents of the public work and plant heritage


Biennial of Melle

Chloé Hipeau-Disko et Frédéric Legros : Directors

assisted by Nadine Cotreau

Antoine Liebaert, Jean-Christophe Radke : Art handlers

assisted by Baptiste Gallion et de Baptiste Place


Cultural mediators

Emeline Durandeau, Marion Kergueris, Angèle Le Guennec, Christelle Roux-Rouvery